sacred scripture

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any writing that is regarded as sacred by a religious group

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As Dei Verbum put it, "We must acknowledge that the books of scripture, firmly, faithfully, and without error, teach the truth which God, for the sake of our salvation, wished to see confided in the sacred scriptures.
Today ignorance of sacred scripture is not the church's fault, as it was in the past.
Qur';an or KoranThe sacred scripture of Islam, regarded by Muslims as the infallible Word of God, a perfect transcription of an eternal tablet preserved in Heaven and revealed over a period of 20 years to the Prophet Muhammad (c.
Choose from a variety of offerings: MBTI, Dream Work, Spiritual Direction, Sacred Scripture, Eco-spirituality, 12-Step Spirituality, Contemplative Prayer, Art as Prayer, Guided Writing, etc.
Its format is that of question-answer, with references to more complete explanations in the adult Catechism of the Catholic Church 1992 (1997); and quotes from Sacred Scripture, writers, saints and doctors of the Church.
From Patristic times it was acknowledged that Sacred Scripture had to be interpreted at several levels, the literal meaning being only one.
Canon McGough studied for the priesthood in Sutton Coldfield in the 1960s before being ordained in 1970 and obtaining a postgraduate degree in Sacred Scripture from Rome.
So much of the story of the writings of the early Christians--which ones made it into the canon of sacred scripture and which ones didn't--illustrates the need on the part of the faithful in the early church to have a dialogue about and discern the issues.
For Christians for many centuries, the Bible meant only the Old Testament; the New Testament was not considered sacred scripture.
The articles from the Summa that he translates and introduces here explore theology as a science in itself, theology in relation to the other sciences, the final causes of theology, the author or efficient cause of theology, and the authority of sacred scripture.
Benedict also recalled that "the supreme rule of faith of the Church in effect arises from the unity that the Spirit established between Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church, in such reciprocity that they cannot subsist independently of each other" as John Paul II explained in his encyclical Fides et ratio (AD 2000; a journal of religious opinion, v.
Written by Professor of Sacred Scripture Richard J.
It's clear that it was as much the performers ('sometimes of exceptionable character') that got his goat, as the combination of sacred scripture and the concert hall.
Since the publication of The Bible in Human Transformation in 1973 a growing number of biblical scholars has come to accept Walter Wink's thesis that historical criticism does not serve the interests of most readers of Sacred Scripture.
verset French, verse in sacred scripture (as the Bible or Koran), group of sentences that form a verselike subdivision in a poetic text, a diminutive of versverse