sacred ibis

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African ibis venerated by ancient Egyptians

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African Sacred Ibis has visited Salalah this year as a single bird after three years according to one source.
Sacred Ibis are large wading birds found across Sub-Saharan Africa and are now a rare bird in Egypt.
The "alert list" of species which are not yet in the wild in Britain but which could pose a future threat include the Arctic fox, sacred ibis, leopard cat, racoon and American beaver.
Sometimes people failed to show up for a session and I'd waste a couple of hours sitting under an acacia tree, watching the sacred ibis stalking around on the field while I read a book or wrote long letters home.
When the sacred ibis are strewn along the path, caprice Of French artillery sport like so many Christmas geese, When ravens on your right portend abundant blunders Droning from the desolate bordello of that country We know our small but carefully tended plot-- Modest revisions, here or there some spots, Our verses breaking into furrows at each plow Turn, return along the harrowed ground-- IS finished, ours no longer.
The birds in the background are a mixture of saddle-billed stork, sacred ibis, hamer kops and herons; Above: a village in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan.
Thoth's lunar insignia are easy to understand, but his symbolic connections with two creatures--the sacred ibis and the hamadryas baboon--are less obvious.
Some accused him of killing a sacred Ibis in Egypt.