sacred cow

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a person unreasonably held to be immune to criticism

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Sacred Cow was previously owned by the mother of Pulp Fiction star Uma Thurman, Swedish model Nena Thurman.
Just because someone dares to criticise one of your sacred cows, you start making nasty remarks about her.
Visitors may walk through the Sacred Cow and see the stateroom and desk used by Truman and President Franklin D.
In Kicking the Sacred Cow, he explores some of the major scientific "truths" of our time--e.
One of the latest additions to the "entitlement" package, supposedly a sacred cow beyond the reach of legislators, was put there not long ago by those very congressmen: the new Medicare drug benefit.
THE sacred cow of early pace was well and truly slaughtered by Westmead Hawk's second half speed as he cut down his opponents to record an astonishing victory in Saturday's Derby, writes Patrick Saward.
By flouting every rule and convention about propriety and deflating every sacred cow, Stewart's book is guaranteed to give heartburn to every textbook watchdog and anyone who ever sat on a bias and sensitivity review committee.
Not every artist faired so poorly in terms of numbers: High-camp charmers like Arch Connelly and Nicolas Moufarrege did fine; Goldin was well represented with three indelible (if horribly hung) classics; and sacred cow David Wojnarowicz--whose tiny burning houses stenciled on bricked-up storefronts and tenement-alley walls helped to ignite the neighborhood--rated an early-ish work and a later one.
Our editor strives for perfection, but is no sacred cow.
Style changes are rarely capricious, since change plays havoc with the editor's sacred cow, consistency.
And if we want to change the imperial course of this nation, casting a colder eye on the prerogatives of this bloated sacred cow makes a good place to start.
His successor, Harry Truman, used the plane extensively; in fact, Truman was aboard the Sacred Cow when he signed the National Defense Act of 1947, which, among other things, authorized the establishment of the USAF as a separate service.
She took the sacred cow of a woman's right to choose, arguing--without calling into question the importance of advocating for choice--that feminists should acknowledge that choosing whether or not to have an abortion is not an easy choice and one that can leave scars.
While homeowners indifferently enjoy the benefits of tax-deductible interest associated with the mortgage on their home, many do not realize the array of limitations and other landmines that Congress has subtly added to the tax code in order to chip away at this sacred cow.
We think of company-sponsored black tie dinners as the ultimate sacred cow.