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For example, should there be any mishaps with the consecrated wine, the area should be washed with water, which then is poured into the sacrarium, a special sink that drains into the ground.
One could hardly get more real and immediate than Father Costigan at Ramsgate, who 'used a pocket handkerchief for a chalice veil, changed his boots in the sacristy and used the sacrarium as a chamber pot.
The Queen, seated in the sacrarium area at the front, looked aghast as he shouted: "I'm a proud African.
During the service of thanksgiving and rededication, the Battle of Britain Roll of Honour was escorted to the Sacrarium by airmen who had fought in the battle, and prayers were said for those currently serving, and those recently killed, in Afghanistan and the Middle East.
Anyone, therefore, who acts contrary to these norms, for casting the sacred species into the sacrarium or in an unworthy place or on the ground, incurs the penalties laid down (par.
En Roma, el archivo era conocido con diversos nombres: tabularium, construido en el -78 el mejor edificio conservado del Foro Romano, armarium, scrinium, sacrarium, sanctuarium y los siguientes helenismos: chartariun, graphiarium, grammatophilatium.
The Dean of Westminster, the Very Rev Dr Wesley Carr, led the service, during which the Battle of Britain roll of honour was taken from the Chapel of St George to the Sacrarium in the Abbey, escorted by veterans.
Then just let them pile up in the sacrarium until you don't have any clean ones left, and "do the dishes" all at once.