sacramental wine

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used in a communion service


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Some of the oldest continuously producing wineries such as Beringer and Beaulieu survived on sacramental wine.
Easley even makes sacramental wine for churches--where it has the market cornered.
The church says priests celebrate Mass daily and drinking sacramental wine is an essential part of the ceremony.
Otherwise, there is no other procedure that distinguishes sacramental wine from a dry chardonnay off the shelf.
During this time most wineries went out of business save for a few that were allowed to make sacramental wine or medicinal "wine tonics.
The Finger Lakes Region, encompassing eleven glacial lakes in northern New York State, has been a wine-producing area since the early 1800's, when a minister in the town of Hammondsport began to make his own sacramental wine.
Most British Jews are familiar with their sacramental wine produced under the Palwin label.
Water, sacramental wine, ink once words, passed through.
Even in the so-called Dark Ages, winemaking thrived, often with the aid of the Catholic Church due to its need for sacramental wine.
Bureau of Prisons policy on sacramental wine that allows only the chaplains to drink during Mass.
70) Although the statute made no mention of sacramental wine, legislators understood that virtually every state allowed wines to be used for sacramental purposes.
Ceremonial caution and priestly reverence yield to a more relaxed wonder and awe in "The Invitation," where poetic structure mirrors the paradox of the Word become flesh, made explicit, as we have seen, by the poem's claim that the sacramental wine is blood "before ye drink" (line 12).
Warren keeps a Torah-like scroll in an ark and otherwise conducts a simple service involving ritual confession once a week, after which a bottle of sacramental wine is given to the celebrant who unburdens the most shameful confession.
Other important characters include the devout Cristina and Don Benedetto, a priest who is an uncompromising opponent of the regime and who is poisoned by the sacramental wine he drinks as he celebrates mass.