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Synonyms for sacked

having been robbed and destroyed by force and violence

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It is the recluse of the Tour-Roland," they exclaimed, with wild laughter, "it is the sacked nun who is scolding
Meanwhile, the other spectators murmured like himself; "To the devil with the sacked nun
I wish to God she'd say something really cheeky," he raged to himself, "so that I could report her and get her sacked.
It was him that sacked me without a character on the word of a lying corn-chandler.
Them he never injured; their fences, their stock, their crops, their wives and daughters were safe from molestation even though the neighboring castle of their lord might be sacked from the wine cellar to the ramparts of the loftiest tower.
That fiend, Norman the Devil, with his filthy pack of cut-throats besieged us for ten days, and then took the castle by storm and sacked it.
On the way, he had raided the little islet of Ugi, sacked the store, and taken the head of the solitary trader, a gentle-souled half- caste from Norfolk Island who traced back directly to a Pitcairn ancestry straight from the loins of McCoy of the Bounty.
AN ABATTOIR worker has won more than PS30,000 after being unfairly sacked over remarks made on Facebook.
When Meulensteen (above) goes straight on the wireless, assuming he's been sacked, ring him to tell him he hasn't been sacked, this is Fulham.
GNEV2 So Michael Laudrup sacked, been very poor since winning capital one cup so have say not surprised.
QUETTA -- Pakistan Citizens Liberation Forum (PCLF) staged a protest demonstration in favour of reinstatement of the employees of Quetta Development Authority (QDA), who were sacked by the provincial government, here in the provincial metropolis on Friday.
PHILADELPHIA head coach Andy Reid is rumoured to be getting the sack at the end of this season and his quarterback Nick Foles could be sacked on several occasions against Cincinnati tonight, writes Phil Agius.
ISLAMABAD, February 25, 2011 (Frontier Star): The sacked area managers of State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan staged a protest demonstration in front of the Parliament House for their reinstatement on Thursday.
Such criticism came following a 42-7 victory over the Warriors, in which quarterback Ben Longshore wasn't sacked and running back J.
Sacked, Aug 30, 2004 ONE of the North East's favourite sons, but that didn't save him from going the same way as his two predecessors.