sackcloth and ashes

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a display of extreme remorse or repentance or grief

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Why wear sackcloth and ashes, when you can hide behind them?
Of course we expected more from our team andhellip;but that's not cause to throw up our hands, wear a sackcloth and ashes or beat ourselves with chains", Putin said.
Try calling an emergency session of Parliament instead, with sackcloth and ashes being worn by all present.
Perhaps those who seek to belittle the thousands of women who attend Aintree believe they should be chained to the kitchen sink and wearing sackcloth and ashes instead.
He said: "If you have a couple of bad results you aren't all sackcloth and ashes.
Mayor Larry Langford lit on an unusual solution in April: a prayer service featuring sackcloth and ashes.
He said: "We should dress in sackcloth and ashes and live on bread and water.
But we are not going to get out the sackcloth and ashes just yet"
Why stop there, while in this sackcloth and ashes mood?
That's it Richard Johnson dons the sackcloth and ashes after Rooster Booster is beaten by Self Defense in the Agfa Hurdle I must be the thickest trainer in England as I thought it was three miles
And yet, at domestic level, sackcloth and ashes are the order of the day as fans lament Wales' worst performance in the Heineken Cup since the competition's inception.
But they viewed a photograph a step too far, that in the context of comments from the Rev Ian Paisley, the DUP leader, that the IRA must don sackcloth and ashes, it was an attempt to humiliate them.
As speculation mounted in Belfast that efforts to get Sinn Fein and the Democratic Unionists to sign up to a deal could extend into next week, Mr Adams hit out at comments from Democratic Unionist leader the Rev Ian Paisley that the IRA would have to repent for its violence, wearing sackcloth and ashes.
5 million paycheck, and no sniffling, sycophantic employees dressed in sackcloth and ashes, hurling themselves on the ground in apoplectic fits of despair.
When I fought back through writing, it decided to kill me, whether because I was a degenerate ex-convict who refused to wear sackcloth and ashes, a Negro who refused to accept the Negro Problem as my own, a 'nigger' who would not conform to the existence prescribed for niggers, or a black man who pitied white women, I will never know.