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We have gone, under Labour, from having the best private pension schemes in Europe to sackcloth and ashes for the ordinary man.
I would hope those bishops would go to Rome wearing sackcloth and ashes.
Ali has also been working on the couple's fashion label Edun, trying to shake off the sackcloth and ashes image it has endured to date.
Why wear sackcloth and ashes, when you can hide behind them?
Of course we expected more from our team andhellip;but that's not cause to throw up our hands, wear a sackcloth and ashes or beat ourselves with chains", Putin said.
Brian Summers, Norwich PRIME Minister Gordon Brown, the former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg all donned sackcloth and ashes over the expenses controversy.
Sackcloth and ashes doesn't go with Savile Row suits.
Try calling an emergency session of Parliament instead, with sackcloth and ashes being worn by all present.
Perhaps those who seek to belittle the thousands of women who attend Aintree believe they should be chained to the kitchen sink and wearing sackcloth and ashes instead.
Not sackcloth and ashes (whatever that means), but maybe short rather than long for formal parties?
I'm not suggesting we go back to sackcloth and ashes or give up the things we love but the years of cheap credit didn't make our lives easier or happier.
Mayor Larry Langford lit on an unusual solution in April: a prayer service featuring sackcloth and ashes.
He said: "We should dress in sackcloth and ashes and live on bread and water.
But nor should we allow the agitations of shareholders, amplified by certain of our colleagues discountenanced at the performance of their stock options, to force us into a hair shirt, the corporate equivalent of sackcloth and ashes.
Although the travel writer's lot is a fairly impecunious one, it isn't all sackcloth and ashes.