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a small sac or pouch (especially the smaller chamber of the membranous labyrinth)


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Four pairs of sacculi present: Sa, S1 with elongate openings, S2, S3 with small, rounded openings.
In terms of vestibular pathology, the crista ampullaris of the semicircular canal is more vulnerable than the macula utriculi, which is more vulnerable than the macula sacculi.
These and other sounds are thought to be detected by the sacculi, which respond to the particle motion component of underwater sound [2].
The diagnostic characters of the genus Scheloribates are as following: lamellae well developed; prolamellae present, absent or partially developed; translamellar lines usually absent, but rarely incompletely present; sensilli with dilated head; pteromorphs immovable; notogaster with 10 pairs of setae or their alveoli; four or five pairs of sacculi on notogaster; four pairs of genital setae; legs tridactylous (e.
1 Body surface of notogaster granulate 2 --Body surface of notogaster not granulate 6 2 Notogaster with sacculi maximus Mahunka --Notogaster with areae porosae 3 3 Areae porosae amorphous; lamellae of medium width; translamella thin amorphus sp.