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a small sac or pouch (especially the smaller chamber of the membranous labyrinth)


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Four pairs of sacculi present: Sa, S1 with elongate openings, S2, S3 with small, rounded openings.
1] (minute in P translamellatus) and elongate openings of sacculi Sa, SI (rounded in P translamellatus).
PNH also causes a loss of hair cells in the crista ampullaris, the macula utriculi, and the macula sacculi, and a marked degeneration of the stria vascularis.
The diagnostic characters of Perscheloribates are as following: rostrum rounded; lamellae well developed; prolamellae present, absent or partially developed; translamellar lines usually absent, but rarely incompletely present; interlamellar setae long; sensilli with dilated head; pteromorphs immovable; notogaster with 10 pairs of setae or their alveoli; four pairs of sacculi on notogaster; four pairs of genital setae; lyrifissures iad adanal; legs monodactylous (e.
1 Body surface of notogaster granulate 2 --Body surface of notogaster not granulate 6 2 Notogaster with sacculi maximus Mahunka --Notogaster with areae porosae 3 3 Areae porosae amorphous; lamellae of medium width; translamella thin amorphus sp.