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Synonyms for saccharine

Synonyms for saccharine

having or suggesting the taste of sugar


purposefully contrived to gain favor

Synonyms for saccharine

overly sweet

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SACCHARINE TEST: The nasal mucociliary clearance time is measured by saccharine clearance test method.
Byrne said that she can't believe that they have gone for such a saccharine picture and as Austen was a supreme social satirist, some of her writing was very dark, but the chosen pic makes her look a really cosy, middle-class writer.
Give then more punch by going either sexy or sharp to avoid looking overly saccharine sweet.
This excellent series could have additional benefit if others also notice this trend and start to question why we changed from knowing that "farinaceous foods are fattening and saccharine matters are especially so" (Tanner 1869) to "base your meals on starchy foods" (Food Standards Agency 2010).
Journey's End, despite its emotive origins, suffered from schmaltzy lyrics while When The Walls Come Down again failed to find the balance between heart-felt and saccharine.
Both movies are hilariously heartwarming, feel-good comedies that are sweet but never saccharine.
While the volume is informative, evocative, and a pleasant enough read, this reader's primary reaction to finishing was relief at escaping from these painfully earnest kids and the author's saccharine prose.
Bush so saccharine that hardened cynics can test the mettle of their stomachs against it, Holowchak settles into his task of introducing students to the stoic school of philosophy.
This means that, at least till November, we will be spared her saccharine, holier-than-thou, do-gooder, virtuous screeds glorifying her marshmallow existences.
However, when we presented saccharine in the novel environment enhanced learning about the context was found, an instance of context potentiation.
A convert to Catholicism, Englert neither aimed to be critical of the church, nor, as he writes, to "set about fashioning a saccharine vocation story.
Opening with a wallop, the new album goes from the good-time title track to the cartoonish "Run Baby Run" to the saccharine "Sweet Marmalade" with amped-up kiddie songs about eensy-weensy spiders, pets and bicycle rides in between.
DOMIKNITRIX: WHIP YOUR KNITTING INTO SHAPE doesn't hold your usual saccharine vests and sweaters: it's a contemporary guide for the modern knitter who wants to produce something as original as a 'skull vest' or a 'widow's peak' hair piece for a Mohawk haircut, and as such will uniquely appeal to the younger generation with fresh, contemporary ideas for knitting.
Ever since she teamed up with a dying Nelson Riddle for her '80s saccharine standards albums, many a pop star past their hit-making prime--Gladys Knight, Queen Latifah--has resorted to ransacking Tin Pan Alley.
In a saccharine world, that means they can immediately tackle any necessary re-teaching.