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The phosphorylated saccharide is a phosphorylated polysaccharide.
It appears that the interactions between the sapogenin (but not the saccharide chains of RA) to VEGFR2 contribute more to the stable conformation VEGFR2RA complex.
Therefore, the chemical studies of wines should not only involve polyphenols, but also potentially beneficial or harmful saccharides, organic acids, metals, and so forth.
For their new test, the researchers exposed the sample to a precursor molecule of this saccharide with an additional azide group (-N3) tacked on.
One new bio-urethane uses the saccharides of corn syrup, which is low in cost, readily available and environmentally-friendly.
a] values of the hydroxyl groups of the carbohydrates allow for an efficient separation of low-molecular saccharides.
Unusually, the binding of saccharides is reversible, allowing a direct measurement of glucose, in contrast to enzyme-based methods.
FDA noted in 1996, "the saccharide composition (glucose to fructose ratio) of HFCS is approximately the same as that of honey, invert sugar and the disaccharide sucrose (or table sugar).
Paul, MN, has patented a solid detergent composition comprising a first alkalinity source consisting essentially of at least one alkali metal silicate; at least one saccharide comprising sucrose, fructose, inulin, lactulose, maltose or combinations thereof or at least one sugar alcohol comprising sorbitol; at least one polycarboxylic acid polymer; water; optionally a secondary alkalinity source comprised of sodium carbonate; and a nonionic surfactant.
This patent is the fifth to be issued to Foamix in the United States within the last 12 months, which collectively provides Foamix with protection for its emollient foam, hydrophilic waterless foam, iodine foam, oleaginous foam, and saccharide foam technologies.
This can only be formed if heparin chains are at least 18 saccharide units in length (see "Comparison of unfractionated heparin versus low molecular weight heparin inhibition of thrombin).
In other embodiments there is provided a platform for use, testing or detection (including diagnostic applications) of an antibody or small molecule (whether naturally occurring or artificial) or other biological molecule, for example, a protein, polypeptide, peptide, amino acid, or derivative thereof; a lipid, fatty acid or the like, or derivative thereof; a carbohydrate, saccharide or the like or derivative thereof, a nucleic acid, nucleotide, nucleoside, purine, pyrimidine or related molecule, or derivative thereof, or the like; or another biological molecule that is a constituent of a biological sample.
Heat activated durable styling compositions comprising saccharide type compounds and film forming agents, US Patent Application 20120213723, August 23, 2012.
Additionally, differences in the saccharide content could be found between mistletoes from the same tree species harvested during summer or winter time.
University of California (Oakland, CA) has patented a composition to treat a variety of conditions including inflammation associated with trauma and with certain aspects of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, insulindependent diabetes, cutaneous lymphomas, duodenal ulcer, chronic proctitis, lymphocytic thyroidiris, hemorphagic shock, reperfusion injury during transplantation and multiple sclerosis, which include a chlorate or selenate which inhibits the natural biochemical sulfation process and/or a sulfatase enzyme which removes a sulfate from a specific position of a saccharide molecule which makes up a part of a natural ligand for L-selectin.