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a rapid, jerky movement of the eyes between positions of rest

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an abrupt spasmodic movement

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While saccades and fixational eye movements enable vision to be redirected to project and focus an object onto the fovea, another type of eye movement called a smooth pursuit allows for the object to be tracked and maintained on the fovea if and when it moves around within the environment.
Eye movement in analytical problems--(a) eye fixations and saccades of a high-performing student, (b) eye fixations and saccades of a low-performing student.
The rapid eye movements we make when we shift our attention from one object to another, known as saccades, are essential to navigating, understanding, and interacting with the world around us.
We examined how GCs respond to the global motion images evoked by simulated in vivo goldfish eye movements (fixational eye movements, 1-4 s in duration, 2-3 Hz in jitter frequency; saccade, >67[degrees]/s to the horizontal (caudal-rostral) direction) (29,30) (Fig.
Keywords: depression disorder; eye movement; saccade
Condron, "An electrooculogram-based binary saccade sequence classification (BSSC) technique for augmentative communication and control," in Proceedings of the 31st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society: Engineering the Future of Biomedicine (EMBC'09), pp.
This is important because each saccade shifts the position of visible objects on the retina, and hence the brain needs to know the stable positions of objects in external space," says Dr.
Their gaze tends to lag behind the object and then catch up with it by making rapid skips called saccades," said Dr.
Predicted Velocity, Acceleration, Duration: Curves were fit to predict peak velocity, peak acceleration, and duration given the amplitude of the saccade for each individual for horizontal and vertical tracking tests.
History: Co-founded by Philip Benson, David St Clair and Madhu Nair, SACCADE Diagnostics is spinning out this year from the University of Aberdeen to develop and commercialise a groundbreaking test to assist diagnosis of major psychiatric disorders.
In their dual task study, participants had to execute a saccade and a manual task to one single stimulus (i.
Oculomotor system is even able to execute catch-up saccade (0, s1) to the predicted target location.
With unilateral vestibular loss the VOR will fail to keep the gaze on the nose and there will be a catch-up saccade.
Time course of discrimination of smiles: Saccade latency assessment