sabre rattling

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the ostentatious display of military power (with the implied threat that it might be used)

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If there are ``foreign suicide terrorists'' already in our midst then that is the fault of Blair's me-too sabre rattling, which does not emanate from Wales.
It's an intelligent, compelling and thoughtful piece of well crafted entertainment that, almost 40 years after the event - and especially in the era of a sabre rattling George W Bush and his revised defence strategy - remains chillingly relevant.
This sort of sabre rattling may go down well with the conference grass roots, but it poses serious questions further afield.
IT IS mind-boggling to see the so-called "old enemy", Russia, pleading for a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria, whereas the British Foreign Secretary Hague indulges in sabre rattling, prepared to pour yet more arms into a country that poses no threat to Great Britain.
AFTER the jingoistic sabre rattling and symbolic breast baring to ensure the emblem of remembrance to sacrifice was displayed somewhere on the person, it came as no surprise that both England and Spain played like poppies.
But North Korea has now walked away from the talks and China is having a hard time finding an answer to this latest sabre rattling, CBS News reports.
WHATEVER one's viewpoint on the Falklands, sabre rattling achieves nothing.
montages juvenile d The 1 Patric he si 'g BACK: Peck and Hemsworth The 1984 original, in which Patrick Swayze improbably held off the Soviets, has since been filed under 'guilty pleasure', but the Cold War has long since thawed and it's too much of a jump to believe North Korea - despite their recent sabre rattling - could ever manage to conquer a superpower.
What is not in doubt is much of the world would have welcomed an Ahmadinejad defeat, his quest for nuclear weapons and threat to wipe Israel off the map the sabre rattling of a dangerous man.
But cool heads and steely diplomacy, not sabre rattling and armed threats, are the way to defuse the tension.