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a native-born Israeli

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One witness had stated that he had been asked by Sabra to contact his mother if he decided to sell his business.
The Sabra and Shatila section is small, but powerful, and I won't discuss it here for fear of spoiling it.
Dunya, a mutilated girl who survivedthe Sabra and Shatila quicklime pits, recites her memory of the events to "serve" the Palestinian cause as a "fund-raising tool.
Saeb Erikat also stressed the importance of resolving the issue of Palestinian refugees in a press release about Sabra and Shatila massacre.
Upon closing of the merger, Sabra shareholders are expected to own approximately 41% and the former CCP shareholders are expected to own approximately 59% of the combined company.
Sabra Hummus Classic 2 oz 6 48 ct: 3 x (16 x 2oz)
When Sabra Dipping Company originally came to The Exchange, they noted that the space was well-appointed and designed in a way that gave them a great value for the money already invested," said Langtry.
Sabra first completed the accredited and senior technician courses before finally passing her masters assessment last month.
La HAICA avait adresse, en fevrier dernier, une mise en garde aux chaines de television privees Al-Hiwar Attounsi et Al-Janoubia ainsi qu'a la station radio Sabra FM leur demandant de se conformer aux regles deontologiques de la profession.
Either way, Israeli company Sabra Hummus got a huge brand boost when Stephen Colbert, the new host of The Late Show on CBS television in the US, plugged hummus made by Sabra on his first program.
Sabra, a legal analyst not affiliated with the fallen Patriots tight end's case, which is expected to go to the Fall River Superior Court jury this week.
Critique: An original and superbly written story, "Slave and Sister" establishes author Sabra Waldfogel as a skilled and talented storyteller.
If you find the question perplexing, perhaps the hummus manufacturer Sabra can help you out.
Nabeel Sabra, an officer at the security operations of Taiz governorate, said that suspicions were aroused by Al-Kamil's wig and security officers initially suspected him of being mentally unstable.
Anything could have happened," Sabra al Touqi says repeatedly.