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Synonyms for sabotage

Synonyms for sabotage

a deliberate and underhanded effort to defeat or do harm to an endeavor

to damage, destroy, or defeat by sabotage

Synonyms for sabotage

a deliberate act of destruction or disruption in which equipment is damaged

destroy property or hinder normal operations

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What do you think of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Sabotage DLC so far?
With the growth of additive manufacturing worldwide, we believe the ability to conduct malicious sabotage of these systems will attract the attention of many adversaries, ranging from criminal gangs to state actors, who will aim either for profit or for geopolitical power," says Elovici.
The Iran Times has not seen any claims of sabotage for the other incidents, but our check of Arab media is far from comprehensive.
He did not name countries that authorities believe are behind the sabotage and the recruitment effort.
Several cases of industrial sabotage have been neutralized in the past few months before achieving the intended damage, including sabotage at a part of the IR-40 facility at Arak," Zarean said.
They claimed that violence and sabotage were taking place in response to calls by Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei.
The source said that pumping oil has stopped after the pipeline was subjected to act of sabotage with explosives, causing fire to break out; but production continues.
Omer Mohamed Salih, affirmed that the right of peaceful demonstration is guaranteed for citizens, but some elements managed to commit violence, sabotage and assault acts on public and private properties, a matter which necessitated mobilizing the regular forces to protect the strategic establishments.
Manama-June11(BNA)The Islamic Cultural, Educational, and Scientific Conference Organization (ICESCO) has today voiced support for the Kingdom of Bahrain in confronting the spare of violence and acts of sabotage targeting schools and educational establishments.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi oil ministry disclosed today that the oil products pipeline between Salahal-Din and Ninewa provinces was hit by sabotage operation.
The most important part of the news conference is that the investigation, as the security spokesman put it, led to the conclusion that sabotage by foreign parties, working on four continents, was responsible, and not any employees inside the firm.
MARDyN (CyHAN)- A fire broke out at the Kirkuk-Yumurtalik Oil Pipeline in southeastern Midyat town of the south-eastern province of Mardin on late Friday due to sabotage.
According to eyewitnesses, the sabotage act was preceded by exchanges of gunfire between guards of Yemen LNG company and Al Qaeda fighters.
University of British Columbia research shows that managers should keep team members connected and engaged to avoid workplace sabotage.
Athens -- PNN - The ten ships of Freedom Flotilla Two, as a result of diplomatic arm-twisting and sabotage have faced a variety of setbacks as they attempt to break the Israeli siege on Gaza.