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a portable power saw with a reciprocating blade

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CARVE Cut along transferred design lines using a saber saw, pumpkin-carving tool, small paring knife, or linoleum-cutting tool (similar to a box cutter).
The unusual patterning couldn't be simpler to create: With a saber saw, we cut each of the boards freehand.
If you want to include them and have access to a saber saw or other way to cut them, they provide an attractive, ornamental touch.
Circle saw and combination blade Saber saw and combination blade 1/4" drill and assorted bits Yard stick Carpenter's square (small) 10' rule Chalk line and chalk Protractor Sharp pencil Carpenter's hammer 4" brush, for oiling forms Screwdriver Wheelbarrow Round shovel Water bucket Cement trowel (optional: bolt cutters if re-rod is used) Garden hoe for mixing cement 4 burlap bags for keeping the grate damp, after it's removed from the form Materials list: 1/2" x 4' x 8' sheet plywood 2" x 4" x 8' board 8 - 1/4" x 2" wood screws 48 - l/2" x 1" wood screws 1 gallon bulk oil 496 [in.
It cuts easily with a handsaw, saber saw or band saw.
Use saber saw to cut a hole in the base of each pumpkin.
Get out your saber saw and crank up the rock `n' roll, but don't get any sawdust on your blue suede shoes.
Simply cut out the drum bung head with a saber saw, leaving a 2-1/2 inch edge around the head of the drum.
Tenders are invited for Saber Saw Bosch Gsa 1300 Pce, Grinder/Cutter Bosch Gws 850 Ce, Saber Saw Blade Bosch 1225 Vf, Hole Saw 114 M.
paint can to make ours), so each arc bottom ends at the miter joint; cut with saber saw.
Dowel quiver--Use a saber saw to cut lengthwise notches in a 30-in.
Cut off several inches from the bottom of a 5-gallon plastic bucket with a saber saw.
Use a saber saw to cut out the cleaning hole in one of the bottom panels as indicated in the plans.
TOOLS: circular saw, table saw (optional), saber saw, electric drill, 3/8- and 1-inch paddle-blade drill bits, electric sander, carpenter's square, framing square, rasp, hammer, posthole digger, shovel, level, stepladder
With a saber saw, cut the bottom off one bucket to create a serving tray, and cut a food dispensing hole in the food storage bucket (as shown).