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a leave usually taken every seventh year

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Wreford notes that increasing demand for sabbatical leave in high-tech industry proves that fantastic remuneration packages don't make up for old-fashioned time off.
After returning from my sabbatical leave in Sail Francisco where I learned to do painted finishes, I was eager to try faux finishing with my students.
Vanderhoef announced plans to take a sabbatical leave for one year starting in June of 2009 and indicated he would return to his duties as a professor of plant biology in 2010.
The seasoned aviator, currently a captain with Swiss International Air Lines on sabbatical leave, said the 3,776-metre Mt Fuji had been an awe-inspiring location.
In a statement to worshippers, many of whom were moved to tears by the news, Fr Boland added: "I have asked for, and been granted, sabbatical leave by Bishop Hegarty.
This embarrassing problem will be exacerbated by the reports of Servicair requesting 200 staff to take a six months sabbatical leave, and asking a further 60 baggage and check in staff to take redundancies.
Frohnmayer said he has joined the UO faculty and is on paid sabbatical leave through the end of the year, which will probably result in him writing a book or articles.
A spokesman for the firm said: "We have offered staff the possibility of a four day working week or sabbatical leave periods.
But IPCC Commissioner John Crawley said, "One officer (Mr Lewis) is on sabbatical leave for a prolonged period, agreed to by the force before the disciplinary outcome recommended by the IPCC was available, and no disciplinary action is to be taken.
Trim also met Manchester-based Royal College of Nursing Lawyer/manager, Paul Mullany, who will spend seven weeks' sabbatical Leave with NZNO in February and March next year.
She has been on sabbatical leave since last year on a scheme that trains arts administrators.
I was lucky enough to chance upon a tour guide who just happened to be a published historian on sabbatical leave from a local university and who moonlighted giving tours.
Soto, retired bishop of Venezuela, has been appointed acting director of communications for the Anglican Communion while Canon James Rosenthal takes a sabbatical leave until January.
Terrance Berntson, who conducted the survey during a sabbatical leave.
Maurice Ewing Professor of Oceanography at Rice University, with a sabbatical leave between 1992-1993 to work with CNRS, a research organization funded and presided over by France's Ministry of Research.