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a midnight meeting of witches to practice witchcraft and sorcery

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Moreover, the scene the woman sees after being left in a clearing in the forest takes the appearance of a still immature sabbat, in which devils in human form take the place that decades later will become the terrestrial allies of the devil.
Some challenge these accounts and say that drug-induced hallucinations do not account for the group flight to a Sabbat and favor a trance or dream as the likely source of the delusions (Bever 1983).
Olivares Merino then retells the stories of several 12th century revenants--not vampires, because at this time blood-drinking was not automatically associated with the walking dead in England (Hamlet's "Now could I drink hot blood" referring to a witches' sabbat, not vampirism), but corpses walking for their own several reasons and needing to be put to rest through specific, and sometimes quite locally limited, techniques.
Assemblies in the Sixteenth Century", Le Sabbat des Sorciers em Europe (XVe-XVIIIe Siecles), Fontenay-ST.
The latter remaps the world according to the history of black metal, listing such first-wave bands as Bathory, Bulldozer, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Mercyful Fate, Sabbat, Samael, Sarcofago, and Venom.
It is equally true, however, that he does not seem to have been limited by an overly strict religious interpretation of the Sabbat, and the codes of purity/impurity and exclusion that seem to have been common in his times.
The volume is organized into ten sections that address the emergence of the body of medieval beliefs about witchcraft, the cultural assumptions that sustained beliefs about witchcraft in pre- industrial Europe, the role of the Sabbat cult myth in the persecution of perceived Witches, witchcraft and the Reformation, links between witch-hunts and the rise of the nation-state, the cultural meanings of possession and exorcism, witchcraft and gender, the meanings of witch confessions, the decline of witchcraft, and contemporary witchcraft.
Liaw YF, Sung JJ, Chow WC, Farrell G, Lee CZ, Yuen H, Tanwandee T, Tao QM, Shue K, Keene ON, Dixon JS, Gray DF, Sabbat J; Cirrhosis Asian Lamivudine Multicentre Study Group.
IT WAS game, set and match for Drogheda Town from early doors but top stopper Gabrielle Sabbat ini performed heroics to keep the scoreline respectable.
Even the realm of Faerie, whose denizens were thought of elsewhere as bright spirits friendly to mankind, lovely, gay, bounteous of goodly gifts, in Scotland becomes the court of Elfame, a fearful country ruled over by the Devil, who is actually spoken of as a fairy man, inhabited by malignant fiends, where the revels of elves and pretty pixies dancing their graceful rounds in the silvery moonlight, are a foul Sabbat of demons, hideous carlines and their dark familiars.
This Warhammer 40,000 omnibus gathers the novels FIRST AND ONLY, GHOSTMAKER, NECROPOLIS and the short story IN REMEMBRANCE under one cover, providing a seamless set of interrelated stories surrounding the chaotic Sabbat system, where the Imperial Guard faces invasion by heretical forces.
Service pour la veille du Sabbat is a vocal ensemble for children's chores with organ, and Lecha Dodi uses the liturgical text with chazzan, mixed choir, and organ.
q Manchester, Academy CRADLE OF FILTH + Sabbat + Deathstars
There are many nuances in the opening verse of the poem, "C'est plutot le sabbat du Second Faust que l'autre.