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shaped in the form of the letter S

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Researchers found that the female mummy, known as Gebelein Woman, had S-shaped markings located on the upper arm and shoulder that may have stood for batons or clappers used in dance rituals.
int] is the total internal energy and M represents the mass of the S-shaped beam.
This retrospective study compared clinical and radiological results of S-shaped and Y-shaped incisions in the treatment of osseous mallet finger using open reduction and hook-plate fixation.
In turn, current investigations discovered an inverted S-shaped MP-relationship (e.
The downed tree lies about 200 yards up from a large S-shaped curve in the river, adjacent to Milepost 44 on the McKenzie Highway, in an area notorious for large woodpiles accumulating in the water.
17] incorporated the exponentiated Weibull testing-effort function into inflection S-shaped software reliability growth models.
The state police team that initially investigated the case said an S-shaped knife was used to stab George, and police later recovered one such knife.
He said: "Our initial experiments were with a flat S-shaped sonotrode positioned at the bottom of the through-flow degassing chamber.
A TEENAGE ballerina who feared she would never dance again after developing an S-shaped spine is back in her dancing shoes thanks to metal rods in her back.
Modern S-shaped furniture and a cafe anchor the two-story lobby.
Sipho thick anteriorly while narrower distally with slightly s-shaped terminal end; siphonal capsule with opposite thick large tetragonal while adjacent arm very minute pointed; median lobe narrow deeply sharped apically slightly longer than parameres; parameres strongly narrow medially converged; trabes broadly bifurcated apically.
On entering the studio there is a reception hallway, spacious open-plan lounge/dining and kitchen area as well as an S-shaped turn leading to the bedroom with access to the sit out balcony with views of the Tyne and Millennium Bridge.
The backhoe loader's S-shaped boom has been designed to enhance digging and lifting performance.
The 01RX Cobalcescu South well design has an S-shaped drilling trajectory to ensure optimal penetration of the two primary reservoirs in the target sandstone, along with a number of secondary targets.