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  • verb

Synonyms for rusticate

live in the country and lead a rustic life

send to the country

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suspend temporarily from college or university, in England


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give (stone) a rustic look

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lend a rustic character to

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Qureshi to rusticate him from the campus for his excessive political activism was only re-considered and withdrawn on the intervention of his eldest brother, Naval Commander Rashid Ghaznavi who donned his official uniform to seek clemency for the political passions of his younger brother.
The resolution requests the august house to approach the federal government to communicate to the university administration to not rusticate the students who were on hunger strike.
The school authorities had called up and allegedly insulted her mother Akanksha Dasgupta, threatening to rusticate Anamika from the school.
Naeem also demanded of the university administration to rusticate the individuals involved in attacking the book fair which is a pure educational activity.