rust mite

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any of several varieties of mite that burrow into plants and cause a reddish-brown discoloration on the leaves or fruit

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Each experimental unit consisted of two plants and adults of the citrus rust mite were monthly counted on one plant chosen in a 1cm2-area.
5 ml/L) were chosen because they are registered in Brazil to control the citrus rust mite P.
Schmitten says the products also completely controlled rust mite and were effective on codling moth, although it was still early in the season for this pest.
Another form of it is already registered for use on Florida citrus to control the citrus rust mite, Phyllocoptruta oleivora.
Some studies suggested copper hydroxide stimulates populations of the citrus rust mite Phyllo-coptruta oleivora (Ashmead) (Childers 1994), although other research suggested that copper hydroxide reduces citrus rust mite fecundity (McCoy & Lye 1995).
Mason assisted Yothers in an extensive rust mite study.
It also became infested with rust mites, resulting in puckered leaves.
Mercifully the rust mites accounted for most of them.
In summary, it would appear that microbial control is a feasible approach to the control of citrus rust mites and weevils.