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(football) a ball carrier who tries to gain ground by running with the ball

someone who migrates as part of a rush to a new gold field or a new territory

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a person who rushes

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Outside linebacker Leonard Floyd is the only edge rusher under contract who can be considered a pass-rush presence.
The defensive end was a top pass rusher as a senior with the Bruins, recording 10 sacks and 18 tackles for a loss in 11 games.
In addition, Rusher wasn't quite "the prime mover" of the Goldwater campaign.
It is all the more a pity, then, that Allison couldn't resist those three sentences concluding his account of the 1990 meeting at Bill Buckley's home in Connecticut at which he, Rusher, and John O'Sullivan argued against Buckley's intended sale of National Review to Rupert Murdoch.
Albert Rusher, chairman and CEO of Brinkley Bancshares, $9.
The first thing Canyon probably would do is copy Cardinal Newman of Santa Rosa's defense -- three pass rushers, eight backing into coverage -- and force Oaks Christian to do what it couldn't do Saturday: score touchdowns one after another, as the Lions have been doing for the past four seasons or so.
Her mother Wendy Rusher, from Ipswich, said she was appalled when bank staff told her that Charlotte could not open a joint account.
I was sure it must have been a sock or piece of scrunched up paper - I certainly didn't expect to see Rusher wedged in the pipe.
Roly-poly rodent Rusher got wedged in the pipe just inches from being sucked into the bag as mum Amanda Horniman cleaned six-year-old son Jack's room.
Last week, a handful supporters held a press conference on the steps of City Hall to voice their support for the proposed New York Sports and Convention Center including New York State Assembly members Keith Wright and Darryl Towns, New York City Councilwoman Margarita Lopez, Track and Field Olympian Diane Dixon (Gold, 1984; Silver, 1988), Track and Field Olympian James Fuchs (Bronze, 1948; Bronze, 1952) and former Jets all-time leading rusher and two-time team MVP, Freeman McNeil
Stanton Evans, William Rusher, and other right-wing eminences, seeks to redress that imbalance.
Conservative pioneer and philosophical traditionalist William Rusher grew up in a most untraditional family, one racked by daily conflict between his parents that was ended only by a decisive divorce.
He holds numerous Giants' records including All-Time Leading Rusher and Leader in Receptions and was also voted the team's Most Valuable Player in 2004, 2002 and 2000.
The Bears need another young pass rusher at outside linebacker to complement Leonard Floyd, and there are several potentially great ones in the draft, but they won't last long.
With a top three pick, Cleveland might be free to take the best pass rusher in the 2013 class.