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(football) a ball carrier who tries to gain ground by running with the ball

someone who migrates as part of a rush to a new gold field or a new territory

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a person who rushes

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If we get more than five rushers, our QB must read this and hit his hot receiver quickly or throw the ball away.
6 yards per game in 2004, but graduated leading rusher Robert McCowan and four members of the offensive line that blocked for him.
A traditional 50 defense (3-4), for example, allows greater flexibility in the use of combinations of rushers.
MarketTools is poised for exceptional growth in its EFM business, and I'm excited about helping drive this expansion," said Rusher.
Last year their leading rusher was Stephen Davis and their go-to receiver was Steve Smith.
Third, we want to help out our center whenever we ask him to snap the ball and then block a rusher charging either gap.
Leaf's own line of skincare products -- Leaf & Rusher -- a sworn favorite of some of Tinseltown's most well-known names.
He was the leading rusher for two years and averaged more than five yards per carry.
This one hurts because we couldn't even get on the board,'' said Grace Brethren coach Dennis Stephenson, who had hoped to be able to run on Poly with school-record rusher Chad Kackert entering the game with 2,129 yards on the ground.
When picking up a rusher coming from the outside, we want the right guard and tackle to use a "jet" stance - a slightly wider stance with the toes of the left foot slightly behind the right foot, enabling the OL to move quicker to the outside of the opponent.
Bakersfield 49, Pierce 20: Pierce (1-7, 0-5) lost two of five fumbles, threw an interception, had a penalty wipe out an apparent punt-return touchdown and lost its leading rusher in a WSC North Division loss at Bakersfield (5-3, 3-2).
Two games later, the sophomore is the Kingsmen's leading rusher, and Cal Lutheran is in contention for its first conference title since 1997.
Laydell Shelton, the region's second-leading rusher among Southern Sections Section teams, rushed for 178 yards on eight carries and scored on a 46-yard run in the first quarter.
Leon Henderson scored Canyon's third touchdown and also was the game's top rusher with 81 yards on 21 carries.
No opposing rusher has gained 100 yards for 14 consecutive games.