rush off

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depart in a hurry


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Get there and the lights fuse in the loos, so I rush off to buy sticky battery ones.
GARY INNES will line up for Fort William in their shinty clash with Inveraray today then rush off to join Runrig on stage.
There's just something fun about both, and you get a rush off 'em too.
Likewise, don't rush off to a cramped automobile without adequate post-race stretching and jogging.
and then had to rush off to work at his job with a restaurant supply company.
Oh dear stitter, stutter The Prime Minister's heart is all a-flutter Off to Hampstead he did go All in a rush off in a moThey prodded his heart then looked at his veins ``You'll be home tomorrow, Guv, to take hold of the reins''.
The call guides you through a script that makes it sound, to the party across the table, like you have to rush off.
I had to rush off the stage - the band just thought I'd gone mental,' he told NME.
The MG is a really fun car to drive and it's great to get such an adrenaline rush off stage,' said Jenny.
You have to know what business strategy you're trying to solve before you rush off and try to put an e-business strategy together.
Acupuncture and other traditional Oriental medicine therapies are gaining momentum and popularity at a rapid pace, but it's important not to rush off to a practitioner without proper research," said Kory Ward-Cook, Ph.