rush hour

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the times at the beginning and end of the working day when many people are traveling to or from work

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So I could imagine when it's already rush hour that it would take even longer, the minimum being 30 minutes.
The DOT concluded that A roads across England are getting slower, with the average rush hour speed of 24.
A roads across England are getting slower, according to the Department for Transport, with the average rush hour speed of 24.
We thought it was a great idea and put together the Rush Hour Challenge.
There was congestion on routes entering Wrexham Town Centre during this morning''s rush hour and the works on Croesnewydd Road would inevitably have been a contributing factor.
IF YOU'RE stuck in traffic during rush hour, make sure it's not London or Manchester.
In Rush Hour 3, Hong Kong inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and Los Angeles cop Carter (Chris Tucker) are back trafficking in extreme silliness covered in the smooth veneer of a sophisticated thriller.
THE VERDICT: The first two Rush Hour movies were hits, blending Chan's stylish brand of fun kung fu with Tucker's shrill and brash comic routines, delivering engaging, if undemanding, pure entertainment.
Q IN Rush Hour you could hardly speak English but it was meant to be a buddy movie.
The accident came just two days after drivers suffered long delays when an accident forced police to close the Queensway tunnel during the morning rush hour
Nevertheless, rush hour car travel is still very high.
Especially designed to attract youth, Rush Hour will be published twice a year, each volume focusing on a different theme.
Further, the victims, conditioned by the rush hour atmosphere of the station, are accustomed to the close physical proximity of other people.
One sliding-block puzzle that has played a starring role in several recent research efforts is Rush Hour, a commercial product first distributed in the United States in 1996.