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depart in a hurry


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Oakmont scored 14 points in 3:45 and was a conversion rush away from taking the lead with 1:33 left.
In the minute-long film, the TV personality is seen to stage dive but lands flat on her face as the crowd around her rush away, unable to control their bladders.
According to the Detroit Free Press, 'These retention programs are common practice when a company becomes private as it helps ensure potential buyers that key executives won't rush away from the company.
Among them was new Town manager Stan Ternent, despite him needing to rush away to tie up his fourth signing of the summer
She told the Old Bailey she had to rush away the couple's daughter from seeing him.
Staff were working excessive hours and being asked to carry out too many visits in a day, forcing carers to rush away from clients' homes too early.
But the former Ryder Cup ace, who lies 18th on the European Tour's Order of Merit, was disappointed at not achieving his aim over 36 holes at Sunningdale yesterday, despite having to rush away from Paris following his tied 39th on Sunday, catching a plane back to Coventry, and not getting to bed until midnight.
Eventually, I'd like to play in the English Premiership, but, at present, I see no reason to rush away.
It means that Elton can play on a bit and not rush away to get an early flight.
A seat on the bench suddenly became a place in the starting line-up when Marcus Cook had to rush away to have an infected tooth extracted - but Watkins proved more than equal to the task.
She doesn't want to come in or talk to us at all and seems to want to rush away as fast as possible.
Coach Steve Lavin said personal reasons - not a missed flight, as initially indicated - were keeping Rush away.
The conclusion is typical, as the dancers seem about to rush away and then suddenly turn their heads toward the audience in saucy confrontation.
rush away I sit curling my toes and stretching should I drive home?