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Synonyms for rural

Synonyms for rural

of or relating to the countryside

Antonyms for rural

living in or characteristic of farming or country life


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It may be expected that urban incorporations of the ruralized individual would generate certain kinds of mutability.
For example, Oliver (2009) discusses early field recording and rural "proto-blues"; Brooks and Spottswood (2004) archive early jazz and blues artists who came from, toured through, and recorded in rural areas; and McNutt (2002) extends this conversation into the mid-twentieth century when he notes the ruralized locations of several "regional music centers" across the country.
The 12 papers they have collected discuss such topics as articulations of social class by farm women in New Brunswick, Canada; the role of gender and ethnicity in the division of agricultural labor in New South Wales, Australia; social relations and migrant women farm workers in Canada; configurations of gender, class, and rurality in Australia; gender and class in the ruralized automotive manufacturing industry in Ontario, Canada; and rural Appalachian women miners' reconstruction of gender in a class based community, to cite some representative examples.