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Synonyms for rural

Synonyms for rural

of or relating to the countryside

Antonyms for rural

living in or characteristic of farming or country life


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The ruralists, including the Nuba and the Southerners, succeeded to win the hearts and minds of a handful of officers, but a large number of NCOs.
Ruralists prefer to get their information from magazines and web sites but once they narrow their choices, they still rely on the expertise of their dealer to guide them in the final decision.
A pioneer of Pop art, Blake later retreated to the pastoralism of the Brotherhood of Ruralists, the artist group he cofounded in 1975.
During the past two centuries, English artists from Samuel Palmer to John Minton, John Piper, Graham Sutherland and the younger neo-Romantics, closing with The Ruralists, a group of landscape painters who carried the traditions of pastoral vision through into the 20th century and who are still flourishing today.
These constructions were designed to appeal to regionalists, ruralists, and others outraged by the "crimes of modern architecture," whose equal portions of air, cement, ultra-violet rays, running water, and food allegedly produced "egalitarian and nudist" cubicles devoid of local color, charm, and character (Hubert-Fillay 1937, 2-3).