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Synonyms for rupture

Synonyms for rupture

an opening, especially in a solid structure

to undergo partial breaking

Synonyms for rupture

a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

the act of making a sudden noisy break

separate or cause to separate abruptly

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A brain aneurysm, however, ruptures every 18 minutes around the world.
On the other hand, rupture of the quadriceps tendon is quite uncommon itself and usually occurs in patients over 40 years being more common in men than women.
The results demonstrated a large retroperitoneal infra renal rupture of AAA extending into the common iliac arteries measuring 11.
In upgrading rupture disc monitoring to wireless, customers can expect to eliminate 50% of the cost and 90% of the time required to install.
According to the location of process, there are several computed tomography signs of impending and total rupture of AAA.
Rupture of the patellar or quadriceps tendon or a fracture of the patella itself can disrupt the extensor mechanism [3].
The detection of rupture in testicular silicone gel-filled prostheses is based on that in breast implants and the same techniques and terms are used.
Spontaneous rupture of the normal spleen in pregnancy is also a rare clinical event, presenting as an acute surgical emergency with high maternal and fetal mortality.
Variations of the implant appearance on MRI without rupture can appear as 1) Intact implant with uninterrupted fibrous capsule; 2) Intact implant with a small amount of periprosthetic fluid within the fibrous capsule; 3) Intact implant with radial folds; or 4) Intact implant with adjacent calcification and capsular thickening.
KEY WORDS: Uterine Rupture, Scarred uterus, Oxytocin, Uterine repair, Hysterectomy.
INTRODUCTION: Hemoperitoneum in pregnancy is a rarest condition but it is a life threatening complication that results from rupture of uterine vessels.
Myocardial rupture is a relatively common finding in patients dying of an acute myocardial infarction; its incidence ranges from 0.
In each chapter an analyst tells a personal story of traumatic rupture.
Rupture of gravid uterus is an unusual finding in bitch during the periparturient period in dystocia (Hajurka et al.