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Synonyms for runway

a bar or pair of parallel bars of rolled steel making the railway along which railroad cars or other vehicles can roll

a chute down which logs can slide

a narrow platform extending from the stage into the audience in a theater or nightclub etc

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a strip of level paved surface where planes can take off and land

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The rationale for building a new runway is to increase the number of flights to meet growing demand.
More than two years after the airport'sproposal to build a new, second runwaywas snubbed infavour of a third runway at Heathrow, airport boss Stewart Wingate confirmed the airport was investigating the "capability" of using the existing main runway and the emergency runway.
The Runway Black Box(TM) provides continuous recording and monitoring of runways and their adjacent areas.
So, in the case of an approach to Runway 26, circling means that you might land on Runway 08 or indeed still on Runway 26, but only after circling.
A temporary runway will be built while Runway 17/35 is rebuilt and relocated 75 feet to the west to meet FAA design standards.
Introducing about 140 new edge lights and 316 new centreline lead-off lights--which indicate the route to a taxiway--has allowed Phoenix (IATA: PHX) to completely replace all lighting and illuminated signage for runway 08/26 with more energy-efficient and much less maintenance-intensive light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.
House and closet tours for each of the contestants are also part of "Road to the Runway.
Whilst the Airport itself opened in July 1933, the runway used today at the Airport was officially opened on May 7 1966.
The author covers the culture of the runway, becoming a runway photographer, capturing the runway, runway coups, fashion factions, spectacular show productions, armies of new models, the magic and mayhem happening backstage at a fashion show, and a great many other related subjects.
Altacas Technology said it has announced the latest patented innovation in aircraft crash avoidance technology primarily designed to target and provide an effective, practical solution to enhance runway safety during takeoffs and landings, while preventing collisions during climbs, mid-flights, and descents.
The commission concluded there was "a need for one net additional runway to be in operation in the South East by 2030 and there was "likely to be a demand case for a second additional runway to be operational by 2050".
News of the damage to the airport runway had caused anxiety in the state, considering that hundreds of thousands of passengers use the airport each year, a majority of them commuting to the Gulf countries and back.
Tucker says the US$28-million expansion of the west runway and its taxiway system began because of Panalpina, which operates a hub in Huntsville and flies to Europe, Mexico and Asia.
Dubai Airports announced plans to conduct a runway enhancement project at the Dubai International Airport for 80 days beginning from May 1, 2014.