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the occurrence of surplus liquid (as water) exceeding the limit or capacity

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a final election to resolve an earlier election that did not produce a winner

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Analysis of the first runoff event showed the compost blanket increased the time to runoff commencement sixfold, the 2:1 blanket ninefold, the 1:2 blanket fivefold, the wood mulch blanket fourfold, and the straw blanket with PAM twofold.
The project would transform a former gravel pit in Sun Valley into a scenic lake and park to collect and treat storm-water runoff.
Sixth Circuit: In Group 9, Christine "Chris" Helinger and Glenn Martin made the runoff with 44.
In accordance with the settlement, Lowe's will implement state-of-the-art stormwater runoff controls, monitor stream conditions for ten years, and upgrade its current treatment systems.
Runoff from construction sites is a particularly pressing problem in Connecticut, where an eight percent increase in the population has led to a 15 percent increase in development.
In the present study, a simple method based on univariate linear regression has been used to calibrate L-THIA, using land-use change data, model predicted direct runoff, and direct runoff derived from stream-flow data using hydrograph separation.
To be able to say how the biosphere is changing as a result of elevated carbon dioxide--and to detect that in runoff records--is surprising.
Dilks says the site was generally flat but was graded at 1 percent to help direct water away from the piles of recyclable metals and toward the nine catch-basin drains collecting runoff.
While previous studies have indicated that turf is helpful for reducing or preventing nutrient runoff from well-maintained turf areas, little research has been completed concerning grass buffer performance for reducing runoff from turf.
Under the Texas Election Code, runoff elections can't be held earlier than the 20th or later than the 45th day after the final canvass of the primary votes is completed.
The UP backed LP's case that halted the 7 November runoff elections, but the NEC and the Supreme Court refused to grant LP's request for a rerun of the entire polls, though the Court acknowledged irregularities occurred to some extent in the October polls challenged by the two parties.
2010) studied three vertical hedge intervals of the vetiver grass system in three land slopes and found that vetiver had a great potential for reducing runoff and soil loss.
At the land surface, higher soil moisture levels generally lead to both increased evaporation for a given amount of incoming radiation (increased "evaporation efficiency") and increased runoff for a given amount of precipitation (increased "runoff efficiency").