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a matching jacket and pants worn by joggers and made of fabric that absorbs perspiration

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Worldwide rollout of the trunks through the Army and Air Force Exchange Service was scheduled to take place in late August, while the running suit was supposed to be available sometime in late September.
In fact, I've missed so much training I was surprised I could even fit into my running suit.
He noticed a red running suit in plain view on a stack of clothing and seized it.
The improved PT running suit redesign includes a thinner, more flexible fabric to address common complaints about fabric "noise" and streamlines the design by removing the collar hood and shoulder vents.
I did lay out a running suit on the floor of my closet, ready to be snatched,' said Shuman, a mid-50s Canadian expatriate living in Sherman Oaks.
Next month's Santa dash will be Liverpool's first and will raise vital money for the ECHO's Sunrise Fund -- now supporting the Marina Dalglish Appeal Kenny's first time in his furry running suit has left him sweating over the event.
A very rare umpire's badge from the fourth Olympiad held in London in 1908 is expected to be sold for pounds 400 to pounds 600, while a Sally Gunnell running suit in red, white and blue lycra is expected to fetch pounds 300 to pounds 400.
Christie's sensitivity was highlighted by the notorious "lunchbox" comments following his appearance at Barcelona in a figure-hugging running suit.
So while fans of Payne's ``About Schmidt'' (which won star Jack Nicholson a Golden Globe and garnered several Oscar nominations) remember a wealth of funny/sad moments - the title character's awkward night in an RV park, his prospective son-in-law's childhood bedroom decked out in ribbons declaring not triumphs, but merely the fact that he had been a ``participant,'' the young man's dysfunctional family, including Kathy Bates as an earthy, free-wheeling Jacuzzi enthusiast - all one might recall of Anderson's ``The Royal Tenenbaums,'' despite its stellar cast (Gene Hackman, Angelica Huston, Gwyneth Paltrow), is the fact that Ben Stiller dressed his sons in miniature versions of his dorky red running suit.
But Christie's double-edged sensitivity was highlighted by the 'lunchbox' comments following his appearance at Barcelona in a figure-hugging running suit.
This double-edged sensitivity was highlighted by the notorious "lunchbox" comments following Christie's appearance at Barcelona in a figure-hugging running suit.
The Rock, wearing a running suit, having breakfast alone and, talking on his cell at the Firehouse restaurant in Venice.
The suspect was described as African-American, wearing a gray running suit, a bandanna over his mouth and possibly a plaid camouflage jacket.
It didn't bother me when O'Neal reported to training camp heavier than Jackson would have liked because I knew once the season began all those 47-minute nights would prove more productive than a rubber running suit.
Decked out in a running suit, Griffey caught up with a handful of Mariners who worked with him when he was the team batting coach three years ago.