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small, even, hand stitches run in and out

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Three layers of cotton fabric, possibly from discarded saris; embroidery in white, yellow, orange, red, shades of blue and purple with running stitch, satin stitch and whipped running stitch.
Gathering simply involves sewing a thread using a running stitch from one end to the other working about 3/8 inch from the top edge.
Place the wadding in the centre of the tights and stitch round the edge of the tights with a running stitch as though you were making a small drawstring purse.
Up until three or four years ago we had to prick round a tissue-paper template and then use the tiniest running stitch to apply the gold braid.
Stitch a running stitch from one end of the rounded side to the other end.
brings together photographer Larry Fink's images from the New York jazz scene and New York @ Third Floor Gallery, Bute Street, Cardiff Bay until February 19 4 Bethlehems is an exhibition of photography by documentary photographer Haydn Denman, filmed around the world at these four towns with religious connotations, in Palestine, South Africa, Pennsylvania and Wales @ Oriel Makers, Penylan Road, Cardiff until end of February CWMBRAN Running Stitch features the work of three textile artists - Becky Adams, Claire Cawte and former Welsh artist of the year Ruth Harries.
An enduring art from Bengal, to which Tagore belongs, is the embroidery work known as kantha, characterized by running stitch motifs.
Turn in the sock's edge and, with the cotton yarn and darning needle, do a running stitch around the opening.
Kantha' basically is a running stitch," said Dudeja.
LAS VEGAS -- The horizontal mattress stitch appears to be superior to the continuous running stitch in the prevention of mesh extrusions in the treatment of vaginal prolapse with polypropylene mesh, a single-center study demonstrated.
Stitching from the top, follow your design using the running stitch or the backstitch.
Although students did not require previous sewing experience, they were taught how to thread a needle, tie a knot, and sew two basic stitches--the running stitch and the blanket stitch.
The exhibition in Gallery Two, entitled Running Stitch at Packwood, has been created by six textile artists.
It covers a variety of techniques from around the world, such as running stitch and mirrorwork, general topics such as knitting and cross-stitch, traditions, and countries, from those in Africa to North America.