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a heading printed at the top of every page (or every other page) of a book

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The running head should be: Mengoni Gonalons et al.
The title page should include the running head and page number in the upper right-hand corner, a title that is centered in the upper haft of the page (double-space the title if it is two or more lines), and the names of authors, in the order of their contributions, starting one double-spaced line below the title with the institutional affiliation centered under the author's name.
The five-year reauthorization bill passed by Congress last summer would allow eight states to experiment running Head Start.
Trish Butler, a consultant lobbying on behalf of the National Head Start Association, said the bill omits the performance standards that have been used for decades to judge the effectiveness of Head Start centers, drops the requirement that parents be involved in running Head Start programs and has "very, very lax accountability" for the eight states in the demonstration program.
For the 220's, you must first time the athletes in a "running start" 220 (give them a 5-yard running head start), then add 5 seconds to that time.
One can go directly from the contents page to any chapter, section or page and can retrieve the contents page at any time by pointing at the chapter number which appears in the running head of each page of the main text.
A good running head or foot can help a reader find a specific place in a manual very quickly.
The plaintiff showed that there was no reasonable progression of instruction in the preliminary gymnastics exercises leading up to the running head spring as outlined in the curriculum guide, and therefore the instructor was negligent (Lenich, 1987).
The pickup truck veered across the painted center divider, sideswiping a Chevrolet Blazer driven by Patricia Deklerk, 38, of Lake Los Angeles before running head on into a Pontiac Firebird driven by Erik Zamora, 18, of Palmdale.