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(American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team

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The problem with the running game hasn't been the long runs.
But the Packers' inconsistent running game got back on track against Chicago, making 138 yards on the ground in the first half alone.
The running game is a point of emphasis," OSU football coach Mike Riley said.
In these tough economic times, it is increasingly important to perfect your running game.
We continue to bring innovative changes to the game every year, and now with the improvements in the running game, Madden NFL 07 is even more authentic.
We didn't have the type of year we wanted last year, and we worked very hard as an offensive line to get the running game back, during the offseason, and that was one of our strong points,'' Long said.
No matter what style of running game your opponent prefers, the key to defensive success is to stop it.
With this year's focus on the running game, Alexander is the perfect representative for the cover of the most popular football videogame franchise.
Running game review: Offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin said he was pleased with the Stanford game but wanted the running game to be more consistent.
The triple option made up most of the running game in the Wishbone offense.
In addition to the online capability, this year's "NFL 2K1" now includes bump and run coverage, Franchise Mode, downloadable rosters to stay current with NFL trades, player injuries and statistics, a power move to blast by opponents, and an all-new running game.
UCLA all but abandoned the running game last week against Arizona, rushing 22 times for 65 yards.
More recently, however, many teams re-discovered the advantages of the shotgun running game.
Now that the Bruins finally have a defense, they can afford to be reminded of the time when they used to have a running game.
The book contains something for everyone--from individual technique, team offense and defense, the running game, passing game, special teams, Southern Cal's under defense and blitzes, the BYU passing game, etc.