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a narrow footboard serving as a step beneath the doors of some old cars

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Other potential uses for the new process include consumer products, automotive running boards, and material handling trays and totes.
Market consolidation at the manufacturer and distributor level has given rise to intense competition in the North American light truck running board and step aftermarket and resulted in the top three participants controlling nearly 50 percent of the market share.
Typically, running boards have consisted of a decorative TPO part that is injection molded and mounted on a steel frame and then painted.
City Fire spokesman Bob Collis said Sunday that department policy allows firefighters to stand on the rear running boards only when the truck is backing up, to help be the driver's ``eyes and ears.
RaceTech managing director Sim Harris yesterday said: "We've taken away about six inches of the running board, which has enabled us to fill in the bottom of the gate so that it has a more solid look about it.
Investigators with the Fire Department and the Los Angeles Police Department opened cases to determine how Foster could have fallen off the running board.
Come support The American Running Association and meet American Running Board Member Bill Rodgers at our fundraising dinner to support the Association's educational programs.
An example of the latter is the running board for the 2003 Ford F250/340 pickups and Explorer and Mountaineer SUVs.
I don't have a family of kids to carry around, but elderly friends appreciate my SUV for comfort, running board, high visibility and safety.
According to American Running Board Member Ron Lawrence, M.
In the automotive aftermarket, one success is a running board for Ford vehicles thermoformed by TPi (the former Thermoform Plastics Inc.
As the van turned from 20th Street West onto Avenue J-13, Hodge stepped onto the running board, lost his footing and fell head-first to the pavement, deputies said.
9, 1920, Lancaster Constable Herbert ``Ed'' Glidden jumped on the running board of a car occupied by two men that he considered suspicious.
Normand jumped onto the running board of the suspects' Studebaker and told the driver to head towards the city jail,'' the story said.