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Synonyms for runny

Synonyms for runny

characteristic of a fluid


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4) In summer, you can use runnier dip-baits to marinate and add flavor to chunks of cutbait.
We split a ball of mozzarella while he explained the subtle difference between slightly salty, densely textured Caserta-style cheese and the softer, runnier, almost sweet-tasting Salerno product.
Consumers said texture and consistency in low-carb products became lighter, runnier, with a more acid, even chemical, taste.
Classic style is runnier and is available in glass jars, while Desserts and Baking is a thicker, bake stable product, Dulce de Leche for Ice Cream is a concentrated formula suitable for mixing in the ice cream base.
8 pm - friends coming for dinner, fish pie runnier than usual (dammit), Tiramisu fermenting nicely, and Waitrose Rustic Brie stinking the kitchen out.
Grade A eggs are a little runnier than grade AA, but still good for frying and omelets.
Changing the proportions of the ingredients will cause their mixtures to become drier (more like a solid) or runnier (more like a liquid).
If erupted in huge volumes at high rates, the runnier varieties of silicate lava are highly erosive.
99 for one litre, Screwfix) is runnier than most stain blocks and easy to work into uneven surfaces.
2 Fill each reindeer with the runnier brown icing, being careful not to make the antlers too thick.
symptoms do not always indicate cancer, but it's worth being aware of them and seeing your doctor if they occur: |in your KNOW YOUR SYMPTOMS THESE symptoms do not always indicate cancer, but it's worth being aware of them and seeing your doctor if they occur: A change |in your normal bowel habit lasting three weeks or more, ing three weeks or more, especially to looser or runnier.
Put the honey in the microwave for 20 seconds just to make it runnier and easier to mix, add the beaten egg.
The waiter described it as a fine mousse, but it clearly hadn't set properly and was runnier than yoghurt.
This was runnier than the rest and I needed to use more than I'd have liked to get a decent bowlful of bubbles.