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a small stream

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This look and distance is similar to the men in cinematographic "Solitary life of cranes," climbing day by day up to the cranes not just to build and create, but to have a distant look at the city and gaze, at the people living there, their roads and buildings, which live with their own secret lives," Runnel explains.
Artist Susan Point, of the Musqueam Indian Band, designed different artwork for each runnel featuring sculptures of salmon, herons and the Fraser River.
Just two cameras are enough to triangulate the bubbles' position but MIRA has installed 12--eight in the runnel walls and four downstream of the turntable.
It included a fountain at one end with a runnel (a long, straight canal of water) connecting it to a larger vessel.
But too intoxicating an experience, however administered, would be ill-advised: the long steep flights of steps are scary to descend, even when clinging to the handrail hidden in the water runnel recess.
Yanigahara, USN From USS Enterprise (CVN 65) SK2 Rosetta Aaroncenteno, USN CS3 Michelle Allen, USN PC1 Maria Barnes, USN ACAN Travis Brannon, USN SK2 Kyong Clawson, USN SK2 Carlos Cruzvalentin, USN DK3 Decarlo Forrest, USN CS2 Chad Godfrey, USN CS2 Aaron Graham, USN CS3 Raynard Griffin, USN SK2 David Hill, USN CS1 Mark Lash, USN SK2 Preston Lemon, USN CS2 Victorio Massey, USN CS2 Menares, USN CSSN Joseph Nance, USN SKSN Robin Pascarella, USN SK3 Loreatha Pedro, USN SH2 Marvin Ridgell, USN PCSN Beau Runnel, USN SK2 Latessa Roby, USN CSC Michelle Simmons, USN CS2 Mark Simpson, USN SK2 Chalmers Thomas, USN DK3 Raul Ureaabreu, USN CSSN Christopher Valenza, USN CS3 Tina Williams, USN
These were men with fatal runnel vision, an ability to divorce themselves from all forms of empathy and compassion in the pursuit of bloody strikes against a threat they had magnified 10 times over in their minds.
Ergonomics became a politicized issue early in Bush's term when he overturned a Clinton-era rule requiring companies to do more to protect workers from carpal runnel syndrome and other similar injuries.
The runnel is equipped with hinged viewing windows, and supplied with internal lighting and complete data acquisition capability, according to the manufacturer.
It was exhaustively tested in a high-speed aircraft wind runnel and its designers claimed the new body shape ensured greatly reduced wind resistance and the 1,489 cc engine, with twin carburettor, gave the MGA sparkling performance.
Also partnering in the program is Steve Runnel, principal, Miami-Dade Public School's Outreach Program.
So Sydney Water wants to construct a massive runnel to collect discharge from four of the largest harbour overflows and pump it to North Head ocean outfall.
I doubt that a wind runnel approach would have worked.
52 kilometers long 6 meters diameter Head Race Runnel, two pressure shafts of diameter 3.
wind in her sails, small runnel of sand shakes drops away as she kites