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any character from an ancient Germanic alphabet used in Scandinavia from the 3rd century to the Middle Ages

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For several years the runic letters disappeared from public places, but it became a subject of study for linguists and ethnographers.
A rhyming text cut into the stone Bridekirk baptismal font, in runic letters and probably twelfth century, as transliterated in Page and Barnes, reads: "Rikarja he me iwrocte / to pis mero 3er .
So, appropriately, in their discussion of runes, the editors anticipate this continued fascination with runes and provide a table that lists, names, and defines the twenty-four runic letters, which "are accompanied in parenthesis by letters representing equivalent Modern English sounds" (32).
21) It does not differ much from that used in Present-day English, apart from the two runic letters 3 and p, inherited from Old and Middle English.
Even Bluetooth's trademarked logo comes from the Norse runic letters for H and B.
Icelanders may be the only technological society on earth whose people could speak fluently with their ancestors from a thousand years ago: Icelandic has remained the same since it split from Old Norse, and its alphabet retains two runic letters that no other language uses.