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Runagate Runagate," whose title derives from "an archaic expression for a runaway slave," re-imagines the experience of escaped slaves traveling along the Underground Railroad (Williams 1987, 101).
subscribes, Enrolls his name into their pagan tribes Now wears the habit of a free-born Turk, His sword excepted, which lest they should work Just villainy to their seducers, is denied Unto all runagates, unless employed In wars 'gainst Christians.
In this swift, intense moment, the runagate feels an inner fear, links that fear to failure, expresses that fear of failure aloud, and receives admonishments at gunpoint from Harriet Tubman to "hush" and keep on moving.
I think what has happened, especially with things such as the recent Def Poetry Jam, is an emphasis on what works commercially by producers who have the connections and the money to mount television programs, films, and Broadway type productions," says Kalamu ya Salaam, writer/publisher of Runagate Press.
The very first British settlers in Jamaica came there with the invading army, and were described by a contemporary observer as "raw souldiers, Vagabonds, Robbers, and runagate servants.
He conceived his subject in epic terms, commencing with "Middle Passage," and on to "Gabriel," "O Daedalus, Fly Away Home," "Runagate Runagate," "The Ballad of Nat Turner," "Frederick Douglass," "The Dream," " El-Hajj Malik El-Shabbaz," "A Letter from Phillis Wheatley," and "John Brown.
1966), particularly "Middle Passage," 65-70; "O Daedalus, Fly Away Home," 71; "The Ballad of Nat Turner," 72-74; "Runagate Runagate," 75-77, and "Frederick Douglass," 78.
Different times and spaces are fused until the dream represents both Brathwaite's paranoid sense of being shunned, judged, and rejected (ZM, 152, 181-82), and a historical return to the runagate experience of the African slave, pursued through canefield and forest into the mountain fastness of his maroonage.
And then your quizzical face behind rain-smeared glass, watching me take the lash or runagate brand on the cheek, welts like burns mark ashy skin.
Their legacy is the lives their lives insure: the nameless slaves escaping to freedom in "Runagate Runagate,' the "many lives' transfigured in "Middle Passage.
In "Runagate, Runagate," Hayden haunts us with "Mean mean mean to be free.
The leader of The Word-Band, a performance poetry ensemble, he is also the co-founder of Runagate Press.
The book's final section includes readings of many of Hayden's finest poems: "Those Winter Sundays," "Perseus," "Frederick Douglass," "Middle Passage," "Runagate Runagate," "Monet's 'Waterlilies,"' and "[American Journal].
Indeed, nearly all of the scholarship devoted to Hayden concerns his treatment of nineteenth-century subject matter in poems such as "Middle Passage," "Runagate Runagate," "The Ballad of Nat Turner," and "Frederick Douglass.