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the time at which a (software or multimedia) program is run

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(computer science) the length of time it takes to execute a software program

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AER Energy's battery will help HP serve its customers who need long run-time portable computer operation.
The Run-Time services also enable defining, logging, and analysis of historical and trend data so it can be reviewed by the plant operator.
Short battery run-time was cited by 33% of the end users in the
DDC-I offers compilers, integrated development environments and run-time systems for C, Embedded C++, Ada, JOVIAL and Fortran application development.
We've been working closely with ZDS for several months and are pleased that the company is considering the use of long run-time zinc- air batteries," said Dave Dorheim, president and CEO of AER Energy Resources.
Manage and enforce design-time and run-time policies and report on policy compliance
The new IDE features enhanced safety for compiler and run-time multi-threading, run-time support for the VxWorks real-time OS and RTX Windows real-time extensions, and seamless integration with Wind River's Workbench IDE.
Because of the growing run-time gap, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), battery manufacturers, and others have been intently focused on readying these small form factor fuel cells to augment batteries in upcoming devices.
CoMET6 also delivers increased run-time performance for multi-core designs, enhanced interoperability and SystemC support, tighter integrations to design implementation and more:
Integration of AmberPoint's Run-Time SOA Management with Software AG's SOA Crossvision Suite Reduces the Complexity of Enterprise-Class Service-Based Systems
SCORE(R) supports a bare run-time system certifiable to DO-178B, and an enhanced bare run-time system for use in a simulated or emulated environment.
Advanced run-time stack analysis, built in trace, Event-Chaining(TM), and priority flexibility enable programmers to identify application problem areas and fine-tune system performance.
SOA Software, the leading provider of comprehensive SOA and Web services management, security and run-time governance solutions, today announced the industry's first registry independent SOA infrastructure product suite.