run short

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Synonyms for run short

to be spent or finished

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added Jo, as they both laughed and ate out of one plate, the china having run short.
It's what I think to myself sometimes, as there need nobody run short o' victuals if the land was made the most on, and there was never a morsel but what could find its way to a mouth.
Besides, if we should run short of food you will prove desirable--for the quantity of you, I mean, and not otherwise.
Wayne Ritzema fell just one run short of a century as Ponteland made 275-7 and Ryton never threatened that target.
The most emphatic performance of the day came from Ponteland, who swamped Ryton by 161 runs, although it was a bitter sweet day for skipper Wayne Ritzema when he was out lbw just one run short of a pulsating century.
ATN's are expected to run short of money due to the five-day long Eid holidays, bank officials said.
In light of iPhone adopting any layer HDI board, Unimicron executives pointed out that supplies of the high-end PCBs will likely run short in two to three years as the iPhone will inspire other smartphone makers to embrace the boards.