run roughshod

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Synonyms for run roughshod

treat inconsiderately or harshly

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It has run roughshod over communities by ending day centres for the elderly and Sure Start for the young.
For too long now this faction has run roughshod to control the GOP message, purging moderates, and more recently center-right conservatives, who do not meet the litmus test of the true believer.
How is the government going to run roughshod over itself?
We cannot allow corporate greed to run roughshod over the people who have exchanged their working lives, and frequently their health, for a promise of a secure retirement," said UMWA International District 31 Vice President Mike Caputo, who as House Majority Whip, was a primary sponsor of the motion.
Critics of the WTO have contended that it sets up an unaccountable body that can run roughshod over national domestic laws and democratic policy-making.
The centralisation of power in China makes it easy for the government to run roughshod over the people and one can't help but wonder what effect its actions are having on Chinese society.
The Lib-Dem-run council has failed to answer valid questions raised repeatedly by Councillors Martin and Clarissa Holland on behalf of residents, and have run roughshod over the views of local people in approving this proposal.
The big companies have been allowed to run roughshod for so long, and have managed to shutter so many facilities and drive so many farms out of business, that it's time for serious reinvestment in food-production infrastructure.
Instead we've ended up with a law that allows bureaucrats to run roughshod over the interests of private citizens, innocent or otherwise.
We have over 200 members on a Facebook page (90% from Wallsend) who want to save this iconic building and not let the council run roughshod over the regeneration of the town centre.
The FA is the governing body of football in this country, but it's authority has been eaten away since the formation of the Premier League, who have found it far too easy to run roughshod over the FA.
Yes, we need to be mindful of our relationship with the Indians, but it doesn't mean they run roughshod over everyone else," he said.
Surely we do not, and would not run roughshod over our own people as they have?
ARCADIA -- They've scaled the hills at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut and run roughshod over the terrain at Woodward Park in Fresno.