run dry

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become empty of water


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Author Jim Lester is pleased to announce the release of his new coming of age historical fiction novel, Till the Rivers All Run Dry.
Because of its composite nature, low coefficient of friction and low wear, Vespel(R) CR-6100 components can withstand run dry operations which increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs.
CHAOS: Drivers queue for fuel in Berwick Hills, above, while the pumps run dry at Esso, Acklam Road, right, and Tesco, Marton Road, left Pictures by KATIE LUNN and IAN McNEAL
Sharjah Petrol stations across Sharjah continue to run dry as retailers remain quiet.
is empty, the well of good intentions run dry and everyone gone on
Taps would rapidly run dry and sewage would hit deadly levels in weeks.
In a statement released this week, the City of Windhoek said the run dry date of the Von Bach Dam, the main water source for Windhoek and Okahandja, had been predicted at April 2012.
The country's 12 striking refineries have been shut for nearly two weeks, and the government has forced some of them to make stocked fuel available, but at least a quarter of filling stations have run dry.
The lads had requested 24 bottles of bubbly for their table but organisers said they had run dry before they won their second award.
If peaceful nuclear energy can be utilized at the service of the countries' interests - which should be used - then using it should be a possibility available to all because (resources of) fossil fuels are limited and will soon run dry and also considering that nuclear energy can be employed in tens of fields," Mottaki said in a ceremony to inaugurate a new website at the Foreign Ministry which will cover issues related to nuclear technology.
But since taps in their houses have run dry, they are forced to take the filthy water from lake.
Controllability and reducing energy costs are important objectives in many pumping applications, as is the need for pumps to be able to run dry.
Perfect in intermittent flow situations, the CD103M can run dry indefinitely without damage due to the oil bath mechanical seal design.
The design of the C-series offers constant flow rates at various pressures and viscosities, shear sensitivity, clean-in-place technology and the ability to strip lines, run dry and self prime.
National Trust communications manager Jo Beddows said: "The lake that supplies the cascade with water has simply run dry.