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pass by while running

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Our 5 Big With a Hitch Step Drop is used on our 14-yard routes run by our wide receivers.
After the home run by Wilkerson, something clicked in my head, and I went back to trusting and letting it fly.
1 -- color) Angels outfielder Vladimir Guerrero reacts as the Orioles' grounds crew cheers after a home run by David Newhan.
Outlook: After an up-and-down regular season, Hart has a chance to make a surprisingly successful run by advancing to the quarterfinals for the first time since 2000.
Saugus, buoyed by the unexpected return of Hunter Smith, scored the game's first touchdown on a 2-yard run by Anthony Montero.
Marshall of Pasadena (2-5, 0-1) got on the board three minutes into the second quarter after a 60-yard run by Isaac Clark, who had 108 yards on 10 carries.