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As the winning band, The Run Around will play the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard Stage at Milwaukee's Summerfest, the world's largest music festival, on June 28 at 5 p.
Mrs Swale Pope, a 62-year-old grandmother, revealed the royal interest as she publicised the work called Rosie Swale Pope: Just a Little Run Around The World.
Organiser Kay Boyle, 29, of Hemlington, said: "He said if we raised pounds 50 he'd run around the lake in a dress, then he said if we raised pounds 100 he'd run around it in a thong.
We swim where they held world-class swim competitions, bike portions of the famous Wachovia USPRO Championship and run around a beautiful river setting.
Lib Dem schools spokesman David Laws said: "Many pupils don't even have time to sit down to a proper meal and they are also missing out on time to run around.
As previously reported in the Telegraph, he has hip dysplasia, which means he finds it difficult to stand up on his own, and needs two expensive operations so that he can run around like other young dogs.
A 65-yard Bush run around right end got the Trojans moving toward their first score.
A charity run around Chester-le-Street cricket ground has raised more than pounds 1,500 to help a young girl who beat the odds to survive a killer disease.
You can pretty much run around on auto-pilot While the folks do their thing.
Each cluster of desks or cellular offices also has direct access to the balconies that run around the building, so that workers can enjoy a change of scene.
This permits me to complete the back up and restore from my desktop without having to run around the facility to do this manually.
I wouldn't have been motivated to run around War Memorial Park as he suggests people ought to do.
Ben Taylor: ``Another Run Around the Sun'' (Iris/Red) James Taylor and Carly Simon's son reflects on love and loss on his follow-up to 2003's ``Famous Among the Barns.