run along

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be in line with


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Now run along and get some candy, and don't forget to give some to your brothers and sisters.
That's all right, old fellow, you just run along home," ran the talk.
Dressed in odd outfits ranging from a skeleton suit to a Mad Hatter, Angelina Jolie's kids run along a beach while mum channels her inner Mary Poppins.
Description : 5600 West BRT is a planned, but still unfunded, BRT line in northwestern Salt Lake County, Utah, United States that will be operated by the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and will run along 5600 West (SR 172).
RUNNERS braved the blustery and damp spring weather to take part in the inaugural run along Barry Island promenade on Saturday.
Nearly half a million vehicles have run along Danube Bridge 2 connecting Bulgaria's north-western city of Vidin to Romania's Calafat since its launch on June 14, 2013.
Each morning I leave my home in the west end of Colwyn Bay for a run along the promenade.
Of this, 800MW to be exported to Sicily through a marine cable to run along the TransMed route.
Most of the kilometers-long tracks run along a line from west-northwest to east-southest, a hint of the prevailing winds and currents at the time, says Wattrus.
Saturday and to run along Lancaster Boulevard from 10th Street West to Sierra Highway.