run afoul

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go against, as of rules and laws

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Ben and his best friend Jilly attempt to discover a local connection, and in doing so run afoul of the owner of a "canned hunt" farm where hunters pay large fees to kill exotic trophy animals discarded by circuses and zoos.
A distribution of cash or property within two years of the transaction might run afoul of the disguised-sale rules, causing Bruce and/or Harrison to recognize gain on the transfer of the property as if they had sold it at the time of the transfer.
OTTAWA -- The Canadian bishops' conference plans an in-depth study into the church's relationship with Catholic politicians and others who run afoul of church teaching on issues like abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage.
Putting in place a widespread government ban could come too late and may also run afoul of international trade regulations, Bodner contended.
Even though the state concluded the site did not run afoul of obscenity laws, officials at Springstead High School were still considering filing civil suits against the site owners.
In the past such voucher programs have run afoul of the constitutional "proscription" that they would violate the separation of church and state.
Reported cases reveal that one area where brokers have run afoul of this warning is in mortgage contingency clauses, since a surprising number of buyers will not understand the difficulty of obtaining a mortgage, or that they may suffer the loss of a contract deposit if they fail to get one.
These are far from the first trainers of elite thoroughbreds to run afoul of medication rules.
In the meantime, given the stiffened penalties facing those who run afoul of ERISA, the wise course for plan sponsors is to review the procedures by which they carry out their fiduciary duties, asking at every step whether the procedures are reasonable and likely to bring about the desired end.