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Synonyms for rumpus

Synonyms for rumpus

sounds or a sound, especially when loud, confused, or disagreeable

offensively loud and insistent utterances, especially of disapproval

Synonyms for rumpus

the act of making a noisy disturbance

cause a disturbance

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Jane Ernst, who has worked at Wild Rumpus for twenty years, said that the store can be difficult to keep up with because it is constantly changing--and never in the directions people expect.
Rumpus is also selling dry-ageing locally-reared rumps, fillets and steaks - a 30-day process of maturing meat on or off the bone.
Pioneering arts group Wild Rumpus will create a unique Hallowe'en experience for families at Chester Zoo
Donald Roberts, defending, said during the rumpus at Old Colwyn the victim dragged Dawe to the ground by the hair.
Walk into the Rumpus Room and you'll find a long bar to the left, with counter-to-ceiling wood shelves filled with softly back-lit brown spirits, and to the right, a charming charcuterie bar, with six bar stools and sofa seating and cozy chairs tucked in a 350-sq.
There are still moments of twitchy fun to be had - previous singles Come Out Of The Blue and Santiago for example - but elsewhere new album Soap is the relative calm after the bubblegum storm of Rumpus.
The Rumpus is a literary community that formed in 2008 as the brainchild of author Stephen Elliott and Rumpus editor Isaac Fitzgerald (http:// therumpus.
DANCING may get Rachel all loved up, but this stroll in the park seemed to end in a rumpus rather than a romantic rumba.
It has all the hallmarks of the Le Guen v Fergie rumpus so get your cash on Koeman to be managing back in Holland next year.
So you may think that the whole rumpus was just another example of BBC political correctness reaching levels of lunacy unmatched since Vincent van Gogh hacked off his own ear.
A right royal rumpus has erupted in Donegal after a builder was urged into changing the name of a housing estate - because it was called after a former Queen of England.
THE rumpus about Coventry councillors being asked to endorse a pounds 4,000 official trip to India after it happened is rumbling on.
This tribute to Presley - a onetime boyfriend who convinced the then-teen country crooner to go rockabilly in the mid-'50s - has rumpus energy to spare and terrific phrasing.
Fiber optics expert Green examines the very tricky "last mile" in the effort to connect the inter-city fiber optic backbone to the computers ensconced in so many rumpus rooms.
The Essex company has launched an outdoor poster campaign to raise awareness of its brews, which include Old Bob, Prospect, IPA and Rumpus.