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in disarray

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I am off bear huntin', hun," I whispered into the dark at a rumpled hump of goose down.
Hide, Rumpled Stiltsken, and of course the title story.
But now, just sitting here seems to be doing much the same for my hips" Broadcaster Sandi Toksvig "As rumpled and comfy as old corduroy and as stylish and smug as the sassiest fashionistas" Description of London by the Chicago Tribune for the benefit of US tourists to the UK "It's the first guinea pig movie the world has ever known, so I'm proud to be at the birth of a genre" Actor Bill Nighy, whose voice is heard in new Disney animated film G-Force about guinea pig secret agents
IT'S cheering to see that amid all the heavyweight thespians swishing their capes about on Law & Order: UK, Bradley Walsh is more than holding his own as rumpled detective Ronnie Brooks.
Two years later and with a new box of tricks up his rumpled sleeve for his What It Is tour, wild-haired Moran has surpassed himself.
PHILIP Seymour Hoffman has a rumpled awkwardness about him that makes him an unlikely film star and that's a significant part of his appeal.
The world-weary charm of Clooney is perfect as he plays a rumpled fixer for a top-notch law-firm who can make problems go away, but finds himself in a dilemma when the "problem" is one of his oldest pals.
A maze of blankets, rumpled clothes, and shoes were scattered on top of cots.
Rumpled and wild-haired, he's like a Lewis Carroll grotesque come to life.
The terminally rumpled Dick Armey (R-Whiskey Gulch) even went so far as to suggest that the Clintons might be Marxists, drawing an angry personal rebuke from Bubba himself.
Apparently the cover shot oozes sex appeal and shows La Loren lying on a rumpled bed.
So Nolan made up a tale about kids hanging out after their prom and dressed the dancers in some perfectly rumpled and slightly undone formal wear to illustrate it, which Curran and the company were happy to go along with.
A costume expert will tell all about rumpled hairstyles and the secrets of men's corsetry.
Let's just call it an object; or, more specifically, a rumpled blanket tossed on the floor.