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Stumbling on as well as he could, beneath the unusual burden of these fetters, he was conducted to a strong stone cell, where, fastening the door with locks, and bolts, and chains, they left him, well secured; having first, unseen by him, thrust in Grip, who, with his head drooping and his deep black plumes rough and rumpled, appeared to comprehend and to partake, his master's fallen fortunes.
After waiting for some answering remark, and getting none, Tom wearily relapsed into the present time, and twined himself yawning round and about the rails of his chair, and rumpled his head more and more, until he suddenly looked up, and asked:
Carrot-topped Royal reporter Nicholas Witchell looks he's been buffed in a sandstorm for the past decade, while rumpled Andrew Marr is less heavyweight presenter, more hassled tourist.
It shows the smirking outlaw dressed in a rumpled hat and bulky sweater.
PETER Falk, the stage and movie actor who became identified as the squinty, rumpled detective in Columbo, which spanned 30 years of prime-time television, has died at the age of 83.
Television and film Actor Peter Falk, who was probably best known as the rumpled detective in the NBC series "Columbo," has died at the age of 83, according to his family.
It's a strange twist of fate for the affable, rumpled Cleveland native, who spent his summers at Columbia Law School working for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the rest of his 20s and 30s as a consumer advocate, defending the poor from the scams of small-time hucksters and corporate con men.
ABSENT-minded guests are leaving behind more than rumpled sheets and soggy bath towels when they check out of their hotel room.
I am off bear huntin', hun," I whispered into the dark at a rumpled hump of goose down.
Hide, Rumpled Stiltsken, and of course the title story.
But now, just sitting here seems to be doing much the same for my hips" Broadcaster Sandi Toksvig "As rumpled and comfy as old corduroy and as stylish and smug as the sassiest fashionistas" Description of London by the Chicago Tribune for the benefit of US tourists to the UK "It's the first guinea pig movie the world has ever known, so I'm proud to be at the birth of a genre" Actor Bill Nighy, whose voice is heard in new Disney animated film G-Force about guinea pig secret agents
IT'S cheering to see that amid all the heavyweight thespians swishing their capes about on Law & Order: UK, Bradley Walsh is more than holding his own as rumpled detective Ronnie Brooks.
PHILIP Seymour Hoffman has a rumpled awkwardness about him that makes him an unlikely film star and that's a significant part of his appeal.
A maze of blankets, rumpled clothes, and shoes were scattered on top of cots.
Rumpled and wild-haired, he's like a Lewis Carroll grotesque come to life.