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Synonyms for rummy

Synonyms for rummy

a card game based on collecting sets and sequences

beyond or deviating from the usual or expected

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Adda52 Rummy is known as the finest rummy portal in India which provides exciting opportunities to Indian rummy players to live their dream of winning big prizes and boost their bankroll by participating in intriguing, challenging, and greatly rewarding cash games and tournaments.
Divya's feeling of being an 'outsider' in her world and life permeates The Rummy Club and focuses upon her longing to return to a world where she was part of an inner circle, connected and accepted.
The grand finale of the Diwali rummy tournament will be held on 13 Nov with 3000 players with a buy in of 200+20.
Games24x7, an India-based gaming portal, is to host an online rummy tournament from October 2, 2010.
That's why these days, Rummy prefers to grant access, plenty of it, to journalists more to his liking: right-wing talk-radio hosts.
Dick and Rummy are in the lemon-and-raspberry-striped wing chairs in the Oval Office.
You are doing a superb job," Bush told Rummy in front of reporters.
From Japanese sing-alongs to games of rummi kub (a version of gin rummy played with tiles), Nikkei Manor's assisted living residents join the Kokoro Kai group in a variety of activities that accent their heritage.
You have a friend select any card in a deck of Animal Rummy cards.
Why Rummy doesn't go all the way and claim that Saddam left his anthrax on a bus, or that the dog ate it, I've no idea.
Heck, when Rummy offered reporters combat training, we only asked, "When?
The adorable six-week-olds called Cranberry, Brussel, Rummy, and Mini are living proof of the agony suffered each year by abandoned pets.
While the group has been rechartered, the word is that Rummy has limited its focus to recruitment, retention, and family issues.
And regulars like to joke that the hole is so tough that players are often tempted to retire there for a drink and a hand of gin rummy after playing it.
While playing a series of gin rummy games, they undergo a painful review of their lives.