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a large drinking glass (ovoid bowl on a stem) for drinking toasts

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ASART member Graham O'Hanlon, who took part in the photoshoot, said: "The search team is a registered charity, and when Rummers first contacted us it seemed an unusual concept for one charity to be fundraising for another.
Kristin Wayne's ground ball to second base moved the rummers to second and third with two outs.
Drinking glasses, vases, rummers, decanters, coloured glass and 20th century design pieces will all feature on her stand, like this Stevens and Williams Claret Glass (pictured).
RUMMERS WINE BAR Bridge Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 1QD 01970 625177 STAFF: Polite and knowledgeable, eager to make recommendations, pass judgement on good drink choices and offer a helping hand to those not sure what they fancy.
However, Rummers is a regular venue for local bands and it doesn't take much on a busy Friday and Saturday night to see everyone in the pub toe tapping to some loud music.
18/20 FOOD AND DRINK: Rummers is a wine bar in name, but not really
Directly opposite, Brian Walton is offering individual wine glasses including Regency square-based rummers and engraved decanters.
The pair of glasses in question are in fact rummers, and as early examples as you're likely to come across, dating to the late 18th century.
Rummers first appeared in Britain around 1780 and although some people think the name derives from a traditional German glass called a 'roemer', they probably got their name from the fact they were used to drink rum diluted with water, as well as toddy, a kind of rum punch.
Like it or lump it, in other words, in true Rummers fashion.
True to form, Rummers didn't offer any apology to the 1,300-odd families with a phoney signature hanging on the wall.
RUMMERS are a particularly useful type of drinking glass that first made their appearance in Britain around 1780.
The second view, which is more plausible, is that these glasses were called rummers because they were used to drink rum diluted with water - as well as toddy, a kind of rum punch.
On Saturday this trip came to an end under an arch of water formed by the fire brigade and smoke flares let off by the lifeboat, all outside Rummers Wine Bar, with the harbour and Trefechan bridge lined with well-wishers, friends, family and people met along the journey.
Rummers Wine Bar is a lively venue with good music whilst popular watering holes are The Academy, Glengower and Lord Beechings.